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Formulated for sensitive/irritated types. It is very subtle in its calming and cleansing properties. Perfect for eczema and rosacea.

+ Australian Ivory Clay is a very mild clay and is nourishing. Milder than most other clays, it absorbs less than most clays, cleansing your skin without pulling out excess from it.

+ White Tea Extract strengthens and regenerates damaged cells while calming and protecting.

+ Almond Oil is suitable for all skin types and is highly light and mild. Nourishing skin, making it softer and smoother while improving the complexion and retaining moisture and glow.

+ Jasmine Sambac Essential Oil has a lovely scent and texture when applied to the skin. The oil that is distilled from the flower's petals increases skin's moisture content and increases elasticity. Helping boost skin's immunity while creating a beautiful glow.


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