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Formulated to detoxify, clear and heal. It's antiseptic benefits aid in clearing the skin of blemishes and acne, helping skin maintain oil balance and prevent future breakouts.

+ Bamboo Charcoal has a high capacity for drawing out impurities from pores. This makes it effective at drawing out impurities while also detoxifying gently.

+ Tea Tree Oil is a great antiseptic clearing blemishes and detoxing the pores while Lavender Oil cleans and moisturizes skin in a gentle way.


How to use:

-Mix 1 tsp of powder with a small amount of liquid - milk, water, etc - to form a paste.

-Add in mashed fruit, yogurt, honey, or a couple drops of your favorite facial oil for extra nourishment.

-Apply and leave for 15-20 minutes.

-In that time, take a lovely soak, read a book, sing a song, or do your best mud monster impression.

- Rinse and enjoy.

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