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Formulated for dry skin types. Beneficial in its moisturizing and calming properties. It aids in preserving moisture while clearing away dead skin cells so new ones can form while toning and clearing skin.

+ Cambrian Blue Clay is a unique, rare clay containing a higher mineral content than most clays including Dead Sea. Found in Siberia, this clay is known for it's balancing properties and helping skin maintain moisture.

+ Bulgarian Rose and Chamomile Essential Oils soothe and reduce redness while stimulating new cell growth and preserving moisture. Evening out skin tone for a smoother and more hydrated appearance of skin.


How to use:

-Mix 1 tsp of powder with a small amount of liquid - milk, water, etc - to form a paste.

-Add in mashed fruit, yogurt, honey, or a couple drops of your favorite facial oil for extra nourishment.

-Apply and leave for 15-20 minutes.

-In that time, take a lovely soak, read a book, sing a song, or do your best mud monster impression.

- Rinse and enjoy.

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