Formulated to rehydrate parched, dry skin. The combination of oils feed the skin nutrients it needs to combat dry skin and repair itself. Penetrating deep down to the source, it regenerates and stimulates cell growth while smoothing and firming skin tone. Vitamins and fatty acids help upkeep skin while fixing at the source for a brighter and healthier look.

+ Blood Orange Essential Oil stimulates new cell growth and preserves moisture for a smoother and more hydrated appearance. High Vitamin C properties also give skin a boost and heals skin.

+ Bulgarian Rose Oil soothes and reduces redness while stimulating new cell growth and preserving moisture. Evening out skin tone for a smoother and more hydrated appearance of skin.

+ Apricot Seed Oil is light and easily absorbed leaving no oily residue. It penetrates deep and quickly into the skin, feeding it with moisture. Containing gamma linoleic acid, fatty acids and, Vitamin E and A, it moisturizes and nourishes dry, parched skin. Soothing and slowing down the age process.